Have you ever experienced a time in your life, when you felt driven stir-crazy by all the thoughts scurrying around in your brain?   I was sick with a cold and rather zombie like for a spell, and when I returned to the land of the fit, it was instant information overload.    (Beyonce's pregnant.  Seriously? but why do I care?)   Without the Tylenol Cold meds filtering out anything remotely resembling adult responsibility, suddenly the fog has lifted from my brain......but now I am struggling to put it all in order.

I cannot even write a decent poem right now. Here I sit contemplating the joys, blessings and realities of motherhood, but the darn squirrel running along my fence line is far more fascinating.   The darn thing has no tail. Imagine that. It's like mutant valley rodents in my backyard. What would Disney think?

See? I have temporary ADD.   No offense to anyone who actually suffers from such, because seriously, I feel your pain right now.   I have no intent to make light of something like that.  But.....Oh no.....poor stub challenged squirrel fell.   Perhaps the tail is for balance?

Anyhoo.......for todays' Tuesday's Coffee Chat, I give you the current segments of randomness that are reigning supreme inside this hollow head o' mine.

1.  Speaking of motherhood..... It is now 20 Kids and Counting!
     Wow.  God Bless them.  and ouch.  that's all I have to say about that right now.

2.   Why, why, why am I deceived into believing I will truly be a Domestic Goddess, if I can only have THIS .     On a side note:   completely open to doing reviews for your product or company.   Really, how often can you do a review that proclaims quite simply:  "This really sucked!".

3.  "Fants"  Really Word Verification?   What are you wearing?

4.   It finally came!!   We interrupt this blog post to do a quick dance of joy! 
courtesy Pinterest
Hello Pinterest!   I know me boards be bare....I just got the invite less than 24 hours ago.  Back in a jiff!

5.    With Remembrance Day behind us,  I have been thinking a lot about war..and peace.  I wanted to come up with something poetic and beautiful, but I cannot get this line from a chain email out of my head: 

War does not determine who is right; it determines who is left.

 and you know what?  I doubt I could say it any better.

6.    Unfailing Love.   Why wouldn't I think of that.  Don't we all think of that?  But: have you got it?   Eros, or philos.....I bet we all have some of that.   But as for me, when I am feeling vulnerable, shaken, lost and wanting....needing.  I want me some Agape.    It makes all the difference,  never fails, and endures forever.    How do I know I got it?  It drives out all fear.
 (and for you studious sorts:  the Bible {KJV} mentions "unfailing love" 32 times -- and not once is it attributed to humans.)

7.   Amongst all this, is a serious case of DigiScrap Fever!   Have you left a Comment to ENTER my Contest?     Not sure you are interested in Digital Scrapbooking?

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7.   Exactly what kinds of birds are they, and why are they so angry?  See Left Brain, if I had a smarter phone, these questions wouldn't keep me awake at night.
what I ponder these days

8.  When I had my cold, I switched from my favourite coffee to tea.  And I instantly felt better.   Perhaps it was because I used one of my late grandma's teacups and saucers; which was wonderful, and bittersweet.   Perhaps it was because my Angel Girl and Zoo Zoo would gather their Disney Princess Tea set and join me:  misery does love company you know.

Quite honestly, I rather doubt that neither illness, nor famine, nor brokenheartedness, nor war, nor even the simple everyday weariness that comes from motherhood, could separate me from that sweet  love that comes from sharing a spot of tea, with my special little ladies.

my favourite Queen Anne "Tudor Cottage" cup

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