Are you blue moon, or sunny sun, red rose, or green thumb?
Tuesday Night Poetry
That is the theme of tonights' Poets meeting:  


I knew that Monkey Boy's favourite color was blue,  and I figured Angel Girl would choose pink - duh.  And yes, how typical right?
But she threw me for the loop-de-loop when asked thus:

Angel Girl, mommy has to write a poem about colour.  What colour do you think I should choose?   Pink?

No mama, you should do blue.  Cause that's MB's favourite colour.
cause that's the colour of his eyes ya know.  And the sky, and the ocean.  except when there's a stormy storm....than it's all dark blue and noisy.

But baby, do you know that people usually associate blue with feeling sad?

They do?  Then you should really write about blue mama, cause MB won't play with me and that makes me sad.  I used to like pink, but he made me blue.

Well, there you go.  From the mouths of babes. So.....let's see.....we got blue eyes, sky and sea  - possibly a storm at sea, and someone making another sad.   Right then, thanks for the prompt Angel Girl.  Here we go.

Fleeting Moment

Eye to eye
I just passed by
The wind was just too strong.

A kiss goodbye
too late for why
Shouldn't have stayed so long.

Blue meets blue
two missing two
So torn by this wrong.

Beautiful smile
please stay awhile
No longer cherish the song.

Let it go
no need to show
Love for one that's gone.

By and Bye
Sea always meets sky
And storms become the calm.

How about you?
Are you feeling lonesome and blue tonight too?
Show your colours over at Janice's tonight.

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