It's Friday again!    And that would normally mean, I am Feeling quite Beachie.  This will be the 2nd Friday that I miss the Four Fill In Fun -- but I promise Hilary, I am not gone forever.

There comes a time one must spread their wings.   Step out into the big wide yonder and explore beyond their own backyard.    Like say, Malaysia.   I simply must try a durian before I leave this earth.  Can it really stink that bad? 


And, Look!  It has beaches too!

a deserted beach on the East Coast, I believe

 I hear the bloggers there are wise, witty and wonderful.   At least, I know of one who is all that and more.   I cannot even remember now when I first "met" Germaine of Kiddothings; most likely 5QF, suffice to say that I just consider myself blessed that she found me.   I am sure you all have a blogger that you look forward to hearing from each day.   Someone who always seems to find a way to leave a great comment that either makes you laugh, cry, or simply inspires you.   Germaine is definitely that for me. And I am thrilled that she has so graciously invited me to be one of her guest bloggers today.

I am sure most of you are well acquainted with her, and for those who are not.....really....what are you still doing here?  I'm not really here today.   I'm over there; talking about the legacy I hope to pass on to my children.  It is all about being well rooted: so you can spread those wings.
Road Trip Anyone?

You can also find Germaine here on Twitter,  and on Facebook here.
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