What Have We Been Up To?

Well,  there's been some parties

Which of course, mean dancing:

but dancing is not for everyone

but hey smile! there's cake:

si, si...Spanish Buzz meets Dora
and even cake with horses

and more horses

okay fine, how about some real horses?

Oh, you prefer puppies?  No problem....as you wish:

we've done some work 'round here too.    Plenty of leaves to pick up this fall...

doubt he'll fit in the leaf bag too
ok, so we didn't work too hard on the leaves....who could resist, really?

don't get me wrong.....we do try to keep in shape around here too:

change online handle to "Bam Bam"
we don't get carried away -- we know what's important:

son's class painting for Remembrance Day Ceremony
Whew - we've been busy.  Definitely feeling very tired these days.
We just moved Zoo Zoo from crib to a toddler bed.  I know you are waiting for the horror stories about the transition - but sorry, none to report.  She crawls in and goes to sleep.   Don't hate me okay?   It's only because my children literally do not stop moving All Frickin Day Long!   They have no fight left at bedtime.    However, since Zoo Zoo took Angel Girl's toddler bed, we had to get a twin for AG.   Which of course means....I have to re-decorate their room.   Stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes Left Brain -- it's a she-thang.   just go with it.   You might as well just go hold back the tide:  I've got new bedding, some wall appliques and I'm goin in!  

It's okay - I know the secret to life:  when life gets too hectic, and your mind keeps spinning about all that you need to do, it's best to just take a little break......and dance.   It will chase your troubles away, trust!

(Note to Self:   Changing Monkey Boy's call sign to Captain Underpants.   So sorry, again.)

Did you notice that nice little love-kick to the face of his sister?
Yep, that's how love moves folks.   At least amongst siblings.

Oh yes!  Speaking of sisters:  I almost forgot!    They have a new one!
And I didn't have to gain weight or give birth to this one.  

That's right - It's A Girl!   We are now sponsoring a little girl from El Salvador.
(to be discussed in greater detail in future post.)

What have you been up to?
Happy Weekend!
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