If you have been following along for Mommy's Lounge Tuesday Night Poet's Group, you will be aware of 2 things:

1) I am usually late and not linked up until Thursday; and,
(Note: I wasn't the only one late this week.  LOL.  No worries Janice - you know I "get" the digiscrap lose track of time thing!)

2) I like to experiment with poetry and its many forms.

This week Janice gave us the prompt FOOD - oh, certainly should be an easy one since we all probably love to eat.   Certainly, there is no lack of inspiration in this house - what with wine, chocolates, and 3 baskets of Halloween candy barely excavated.

We associate so many other things with food, besides mere survival:  family, social gatherings, dieting, image, and of course....let me just say it - Sex!   Food can be playful, emotional, and even sensual.   Since this is a family blog:   I went with fun.

Food made me think of my fridge, and if you have kids like me, your fridge is probably covered in various pictures, artwork,  recipes, grocery and reminder notes, etc. etc.   What a Mess!!   But when I was single - I had these:

Just another fun lesson from Rory concerning how, even Yes You, can write poetry.

Click on over to Janice's to see what others are "eating".  

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