It's almost a Manic Monday round here today.
After being at the marriage conference all weekend, I am behind on....

...well, everything!
Laundry, cleaning, toy pick-up, my bible study homework, I haven't even got to the blog related yet stuff yet.    Angel Girl has run a teeny fever all weekend.    Woke up this morning saying she finally felt better: forgot it was a school day and promptly changed her mind.

"Oh mama," hand to forehead, "I feel faint again."   Luckily, like all well-prepared mommies, I carry a digital thermometer in my back pocket.   "95.7 baby girl.  have fun at school."

Added to that, my mom and I left Zoo Zoo with Left Brain and jetted off to get some Christmas Shopping done. When Barbie campers that cost more than my own "toys" go on fly to Walmart girlfriend!

So I find myself rather unmotivated this morning to tackle all house related duties.   With 2 older ones at school,  the littlest Who napping, and Left Brain gone to work......I couldn't resist Stashas' List this morning, courtesy of Jen at Just Jennifer -- who has an extremely lovely blog background, I must say!

10 Reasons Why I am Done....and I do mean DONE, having children

10.  Like our co-host, I had Gestational Diabetes through 2 of my pregnancies (which I also was uber careful to control), but I actually felt quite fine.  Just the typical, uncomfy stuff -- no real morning sickness either.   However, at 40+, not sure Left Brain would survive another pregnancy.  He really cannot handle the food cravings  um, sleep deprivation.

9.  Although, quite honestly, I have to admit, I am enjoying the full night's rest that is occurring in the house these days when I finally log off twitter, pinterest, facebook, my blog I put the kids to bed.  I am not sure I could go back to repeated nursings in the night.

8.  Speaking of nursing,  "da girls" wanted to have their say:  "yep, we're done.  forget the 10th anniversary diamond band -- get the boob job.  everyone wins."

7.   The weight of my babies:  9 lbs, 8 oz.; 9 lbs, 14 oz.; and 10 lbs, 8 oz.   I shudder to think what a 4th child might clock in at.   Seriously, I am not going for Guinness inclusion here.

6.  Due to aforementioned birth weights: all born via C section.  That's 3 major operations in 5 1/2 years if you are counting.    Non-Canadian readers no doubt think our Health Care system is amazing - since over 3 Cesarean births, each including 3 day/night stay of recovery in a private room,  and total cost of  $0.00.    Perhaps I am greedy.....but seriously, how much would it have broke the Bank of Canada to throw in a complimentary tummy tuck for the 3rd C Section?? 

5.  On the serious side, there were some complications with Zoo Zoo's birth.   You can find Zoo Zoo's story here.    Perhaps I don't have the faith of a Duggar, but at 40 years of age, I think I can read the Stop sign quite clearly.

4. Our family of 5 breaks down thus:   Left Brain and Monkey Boy:  Boys 2
  Mama Bear, Angel Girl, Zoo Zoo:  Girls 3
Hello?   We're winning!!  

3.  There are no more available bedrooms.   Sometimes the practical side is important you know.

2.  Besides the feeling of "completion" you have when you gaze adoringly upon your children, OR, when you are dragging them all off to various time-out locations for the untold time that day:  Have you gotten rid of baby stuff?  No?  You're probably not done.  Yes - like me.   Done. Gone. Bye-bye Now.

Note:  I had done this also after Angel Girl -- everything was gone.  Then *surprise* ZooZoo!  So it is important to remember that as humans, we can make our own plans.....but remember it's true: God does have a sense of humour.

1.   I will make selfless sacrifices for my children.  In a heartbeat.   I'd take a bullet!   But some things have been harder to let go of than others.  Some things I miss with almost an ache inside.
            I'd really like to use the bathroom alone again.    Another baby would seriously push that timeline way back.  

How about you?   Do you feel your family is complete, or is the jury still out?   And by that I mean, the Mister not quite convinced. 

As good as it gets.

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