Is it the very definition of irony, that I am so busy suddenly that I need to put "Do Stasha's List"......on my To Do List?

It's just another Manic Monday folks!
Zook Book Nook
This week, for this one time deal, Monday's Listicles is actually HERE

We are supposed to show 10 of our favourite photos, but as per above, I am not sure I can even get it together enough today to even find 10 photos

Here's Why:

1.  I am rather deer-like due to my pretty Christmas lights.

2. case you didn't notice, the above was a Two-For.   moving on.

3.  I keep saying yes to favours people ask of me.   I live to serve, what can I say.   It's not that they are my personal enablers for online addictions at all.  *eye roll*

4.  Which reminds me to check my list again......I have yet to draw the winner for the MyMemories Scrapbook Software Giveaway!   (I do promise to do this today, and notify via email -- winner announced in future post.)

5.   I have already been to the library, the grocery store....and to drop off the kids' hot lunch and milk orders at their school today.   Meaning:   3 separate trips because I couldn't remember to do them all in one trip.   It's only 10's your Monday going?

 6. I am over-run by turkeys.....again:

on the garden shed

on my back fence

making a run for it
If they can't fly - how'd they get up there?

7.   Plus, my cell phone appears to be taken over by other turkeys..... why, why, why with all that is good and pure in this world - not too mention a million dollars worth of toys:  this is how they spend their time??!
Everyone's grounded till 2012!

Toddler has dropped a bomb (don't worry - no picture of that!), and that has got to be 10 pics.  Probably not the most heart-warming, or even hysterical pictures you've even seen.   Sure, I could have searched the net for shots sure to illicit tears and, or laughter.  But why lie to you?  Or to myself.

This is my life.

THIS is Monday.

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