Do you feel lost?

If you were looking for RoryBore at Time Out for Mom, rest assured: you have indeed found me! I know things have been changing lately. I fear all the highway construction in my little town has spilled over onto my blog.  But, once again, rest assured: everything I do, I do it for you.

Hopefully you will find it much easier to spend a little Time here.   Can you believe I didn't know I could change the layout to Blog Posts on one side, and only one sidebar??  I was mistakenly blogging away thinking I was stuck with that particular design layout.  I like this one much better.   The posts, my little Internet babies, birthed with almost as much trial as my real children, become the focal point.

After all, you are here for the content, right?  Right?

Good.  Hopefully with the recent changes, you'll be able to find current and past content much easier.  

I have spent quite a few late nights of research learning ways to improve the overall look and navigation of this little blog.   Some things are easy (yes, I do have a Blogger navigation bar at the top - use your mouse and it will come out of hiding), and others have been quite difficult.    Particularly that nifty Featured Posts Content Slider you now see below my Page Links (another late night hard lesson learned.)    I have been trying for months to get one of these to work for me.   I didn't really like the look of the Recent or Popular Posts Widgets, and I needed a way to highlight my weekly chat, Janice's Poetry Meme, and some of my favourite archived posts.  I can customize this little slider with as many "slides" as I want.   There are currently 6 Featured Posts; just click on the image and PRESTO - right to the post.

Want one too?   GO HERE
(be forewarned: you have to edit your blogger template.  Lucky Wordpress has this feature built in I believe.)  There are many others that can be found via searches, but I found this one the easiest to configure. 

I also wanted a way to announce my Coffee Chat Sneak Peek, without having to write a post about it every week -- and then always linking back to that post - in any new posts.   I liked my scrolling marquee, but now that my slider moves:  well, I don't want any of my readers to experience vertigo or seizures.  Less is more in the scrolling, blinking department.

So, hhmmmm.....let's can I put a little, note on my blog to announce the coffee chat theme?  Hm,  *doh* -- how about an actual Post It Note!? 

Get Your SuperSticky Post It

I have already shared tutorials on Hiding the Nav Bar,  adding Live Signature to your Post, and Adding Social Media Icons (like my coffee cups) In This Chat Post.

I see quite a few Bloggers making the switch to Wordpress, or their own domains so that they can customize their blogs akin to websites.   You can achieve this in Blogger, if you are willing and able to do a bit of grunt work.    Like my customized Widget Titles in the Sidebar.   They are not individual picture gadgets, rather, they are added to that ginormous coding on my blogger template.  {which I religiously now backup daily!}  Thus I do not have to create a new picture with title each time I add, or change a gadget.    Same with my feather icon before the Post Title: automatically added to each new post.   Most of these "hacks" as they are called,  were found over at Pocket's.   Just click on the "How To" Tab.

Okay, I think that's enough tech talk for one day.   Now that all the grunt work is done, it's time to get back to what hopefully brings you back for more.   And if not....

.....I have cake you know.
And what's better content than a toddler with their head in the icing bowl?

Say Good-bye Kitty.

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