I am sure many of you with little girls such as mine, are quite familar with these dolls:

 They make full size, and miniature ones.

I think they are just adorable.

So, I was absolutely thrilled to discover that they have costumes available at this time of year.    Perfect lil trick or treatin outfit, right?

Naturally, I think my Zoo Zoo Doll is way  cuter....but then, I might be biased:

she wasn't feelin the blue wig at all
I will just put some ribbons in her hair if she won't wear the blue wig -- too bad the wig is kid size, I LOVE it!    But then, that got me thinking:   I have a wig, it's black, but has pigtails with ribbons.  And I have some tights with crossbones.   And a choker.   Okay, Okay, so it is more like this:

You know where this is going, right?

Oh yes.   The idea was lit, there was no turning back.

 And that was when....

......mama did a bad, bad thing.

A few finishing touches required to complete the look.   I may spray paint pieces of the hair, or else add some colored ribbon.  I added the masquerade mask because I also got one for Left Brain. 

Will you dress up for trick or treating, or do you let the kids have all the fun?

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