Today is a very special day! I mean, besides being Friday. Normally, I am over at Hilary's on this day, answering the always interesting questions.  Hopefully she will forgive my absence this week.   Seriously, I have a very good excuse.

Hard to believe that 2 years have already passed.   That lonely 5 week "resting" in bed hospital stay seems so loooonnnggg ago.   You can read about that adventure and how she got her name.

It's no wonder I, and everyone who encounters her falls in love with this sweet soul.   I wrote what a marvel it was to witness her Learning Love.

Of course, there have been misadventures along the way.    But once you have 3, you just learn to take it all in stride.    It's all just another typical day in toddlerdoom.

Whew!  I think I have given you enough to keep you busy. 
While I am busy......eating cake.

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