Wow, it's so quiet around here, I can almost hear the leaves as they twirl and dance their way to lay reposed upon the chilled earth.  Remorseful and silent they lay, waiting for another breathy burst to send them soaring once more.

Has it been a tad too dark and dreary, and have I got you pondering wearily?

Okay, we'll lighten things up a bit.    Once more Janice has given us a wonderful theme.....and done an exceptional job herself, I might add.
I was serious about the haiku last week.
I trust that it will prove to be much lighter literary fare.

silent leaf dancing
upon the misty morning
chilly Autumn breeze
lonely painted tree
captured through the sun
brightly now unfolding

waving leaves whisper
the death of a lovely tree  
Nature's strange darkness                          

 The Dark Night rises
engulfing evening spreads
a Fall burning with light.

Bright moon
looking upon the tree
Autumn Dream.  


Coffee Chat

If I haven't frightened everyone away, this week's Coffee Chat linky will open until the weekend.
The chat concerns Sex Education in our schools - that's your forewarning that the topic might be deemed controversial, or even offensive.  If that's all good by you, read it here.  If not, no worries -- I'm all about the love everyone!

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