This week's coffee chat is decidedly pumpkin scented!  

And not just because I have had 3 pieces of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving (2 of traditional fare, and 1 very yummy pumpkin cheesecake pie that my 13 year old niece made.  heaven.)   It could also be due to the Timmy's spiced tea and pumpkin spiced Timbits I noshed on the drive back home.
Hey - you drive for 2 plus hours alone with 3 kids, see if you don't stop for a pick-me-up!

So with that can't remember what the heck it's called feel good turkey drug still coursing through my veins, it seemed like a good idea for this Coffee Chat, to actually put to paper, a few things I am thankful for.

1.   A Nintendo DS, Barbie and a napping baby to keep everyone happy and quiet for the long drive home.   On my own.  Alone.   Booorrriinnnggg....*sigh*

2.  For the Tim Horton's that was open on this Holiday Monday:   when the DS batteries died, the Barbie lost one shoe thus making it non-play worthy, and when the baby woke up --- due to aforementioned, " DS is dead."  and "My Barbie lost her shoe!" cries.

3.  The slow leaking tire.....that suddenly was not leaking air during the long drive.  Home safe and sound. 

4.  For a hubby that had supper all ready to go...but said, "go ahead, hit McDee's drive through for them," anyway; and was sitting on the front step to meet us.  Miss us much hon?  xoxo

5. 3 sleeping children after a lovely, but long weekend away from home with late nights to bed, yet still early morning risers.

6.  For loving grandma and grandpas (and 1 Uncle Bear) who let a tired mama sleep in one holiday morning.

7.  Hubbies man enough to sing "Hush Little Baby"....roughly 46 times, to put baby to bed, so you can have a hot bath.

8. bubble baths.

9.  A good book for your long, hot soak. 

       A snippet from my current read:     

I can just get lost in her words, and the worlds she creates.  Everything is so rich:  the details, the characters, the world, the history, and yet it is so easy to implant my modern self right into the tale.  And they are not so lusty that you have to put another book cover over the original, or hide burning cheeks behind the pages.

10.   For the Word of God....that always comes when your spirit needs it most.  If you seek it, you will find it.

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.      Colossians 3:15 (ESV)

So, what are most thankful for today?
Let's all start this week off with positive vibes.  Write your post, grab the button, come back and link up.   It is good to encourage one another with sharing our blessings, non?

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