I know, I know....some of you don't like the whole Blog Awards thing.
But this is the country, and we are excellent hosts here. I consider the delivery of an award akin to showing up on my door with fresh baked pumpkin pie. You will be invited in for coffee and a slice. Don't mind the mess, we live here.
And I certainly never, ever would return your pie plate dirty.
Unless I had baked you something in return.

Not acknowledging that someone took the time to pass on an award and say something nice about my blog: akin to not eating said pie and returning dirty plate:  it's just not done 'round here.

So, sorry for the lengthy tome on a weekend, and if y'all are now hankering for some pie...but, straight to the business at hand.

First, much thanks to Germaine at Kiddothings for this really interesting award.   I love the idea of linking some of your posts.     And you should definitely check out her posts HERE.


1. Most Beautiful:    Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder, and not too many beheld this original piece that felt like it would explode from my heart.  But the honesty and the imagery is what makes it beautiful to me.

Liar's Moon

2. Most Popular:    My Tuesday Coffee Chat is a bit on the small side as far as weekly memes go, but although it has not received the most comments, for some reason, it is my most viewed post to date:

Let's Go to the Movies

3. Most Controversial:    Not sure that I have a controversial one yet.   Although next week's Coffee Chat on sex education might just take the bill.    Then again, I don't think I had many followers when I wrote THIS POST.

4. Most Helpful:   Without a doubt, we can all use a little help from our friends.  especially if you are computer dummy like me.   Everyone loves an easy tutorial, so here's several:

Back to School 

5. Most Surprisingly Successful:   It was great to discover that so many other moms have difficulty regarding HOMEWORK.   This one was one of the highest comments, and I loved that a great discussion developed.

6. Most Underrated: Well guess humility has to go out the door to answer this one.   But if you know me, you know I have a poet's heart, and each one I write is like a tender little baby released into the blogosphere.   So it kind of breaks my heart if one goes virtually unnoticed -- kind of like my own child being ignored on the playground.    I poured my heart out into this one:

Heart Dreams Falling - PYHO

7. Most Pride Worth:   Clearly, it has to be this one, eh?

What is a Canadian? 

Thanks to my dear Sweaty!  I so heart her.
If you have not discovered her yet, you simply must meet her now.  She's so awesome...I'll even wait for your return.

The Kreativ Blogger Award comes with a set of rules that the recipient must follow:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. (done)
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 7 recently discovered/other blogs.
I believe I cheated a bit in my last acceptance speech and didn't share any details of me,  so this time I will obey the rules:

1.   I waitressed my way through university for extra money and once had a man propose....to me to be his mistress!!   While his wife was in the bathroom.  Yep, that's the kind of love that is inspired in the dark, dingy back of a club.   And no, I didn't accept.   Although, the car was kind of tempting.

2.  I once watched the Stanley Cup Finals in a club's "green" room with a very popular band (at the time).  The game went into 3 periods of overtime.  That's a loooongg time to rub elbows and clink beers with someone famous!   No...I ain't telling.

3.  I could lounge on a beach with a good read and a drink right out of a coconut All.Day.Long.

4.  Since I live in Canada, I bake things with coconut in them instead.  you learn to deal.

5.  Left Brain drives me crazy, I mean "wrap me up in white and book me for an extended stay and some good meds" kinda crazy......but, I really can't imagine growing old with anyone else. 

6.  I'd really like Adobe Photoshop for Christmas (unrelated to #5).

7.  Currently, I am a little obsessed with finding out who G. Callen really is.

Finally, since the blog post is painfully long - even for its own author - I am cheating on the final rule and instead choosing 3 worthy blogs per award, as follows:

The 7x7 Link Award goes to:

Brenda at Fiction with A Purpose

Hilary at Feeling Beachie

 .Cyn & Co.

 The Kreative Blogger Award goes to:

Janice at Mommy's Lounge  (because I heart, heart her poems!)

Stasha at The Good Life  (because I heart her photos and that big dog.)

Kerry at It's the Little Things

I hope you have some time to go visit these really wonderful blogs.
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