"He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted."
Isaiah 61:1

On this glorious sunny Sunday, I wanted to share another excerpt from my current bible study by Beth Moore, entitled Breaking Free.

We live in a world that can often be full of heartbreaking tragedy and such evil that we can hardly fathom.  And we ask "why".   Often lifting our gaze heavenward.   Why does the world find it necessary to attribute such things to God?  Or place the blame solely at this feet?   At best, the world at large views Him as either a vengeful, angry demanding powerful being ready to smite us with a heavy hand; or, an absentee landlord.

I look around at all the Halloween decorations right now - yes, some even on my own house - and I wonder why it is so much easier for the world to invite, or welcome things of darkness?   Floating white ghosts, cackling witches, green and bloodies goblins or zombies; and a cute red horned devil brandishing his pitchfork.   Well, come on......that's just for fun, right?   It's not like their real!   It's the Hollywood version of darkness; all dressed up to give us a good old fashioned fright.  It can't hurt us.

Except.....yin----- yang.

If that God, the one you blame for all the evil in the world; because, well -- He could have stopped it if He really wanted to.   If He really cared, really loved us.   If that God exists, then doesn't it stand to reason His opposite also exists?    And if God is supposed to represent love and salvation, well, don't you have to ask yourself:   What Does the Devil Want with Us?   What's his goal?

I think one would just have to read a daily paper, or listen to the evening news to immediately get a sense of all the brokenness in this world.   Why are we such a hurting people?  Why do we struggle so hard with what we want/desire.....and what we need; what is good for us?   Why do we try to fill ourselves up with so much.....STUFF?    Which usually leads to self destruction.   What is that deep, deep void we try in vain to fill?

Beth has this little equation in her study, which I thought so well represented the human penchant for acquiring "stuff":

All excess is rooted in emptiness.
The continued search for something earthly to fill our empty places is costly.

 How else do you explain a person gaining all the wealth, fame and power this world can offer.....and losing themselves in the process?   Beth outlines the truth that God placed a need within us...that can only be met by Him. (Isaiah 55:1-2)  Because He is jealous?   No, because He has GOOD things planned for us. 
She argues:   Christ came to set the captive free, Satan comes to make the free captive.  
Sounds like there is a very real battle being waged for our very soul.  (Ephesians 6:12)  Might that explain all evil in this world?  Not everyone exercises their free will to the advantage and blessing of everyone else.

Beth continues:  "The Bible teaches us that some hard-ships are specifically ordained by God for the purpose of our growth and refining.  Child abuse (and other horrors) is not one of them.  When you are trying to discern whether God or Satan is the author of a hardship, one of your best clues is whether or not sin is involved.   God never entices us to sin, nor does He employ sin or perversion as a means of molding us into the image of Christ."

{Matthew 18 is an excellent chapter to study regarding this - especially verse 7.} 

I am certain many would disagree with the existence of such a vile prince of evil.  I wonder if that fits quite nicely into his plan.  Satan has far too much to gain for enticing us to his will.

We've all heard that saying. "The greatest lie the Devil ever told was convincing humanity that he didn't exist."

I believe I also mentioned in an earlier post, the worst kind of captive -- is a captive unaware.

But the good news, aside from salvation, is that you don't have to fight this battle alone.

 You, Lord, took up my case;
   you redeemed my life.
 LORD, you have seen the wrong done to me.
   Uphold my cause!
Lamentations 3:58-59
The Battle is the Lord's!!
Remember, even Jesus experienced the worst kind of betrayal.  He knows the deep wounds of your heart.  Yet, Christ endured it without sin.  Why?   He trusted in his Father's sovereignty.   As Beth says, trusting this meant, "trusting that if He has allowed something difficult and shocking to happen to one of His children, He plans to use it mightily if the child will let him.

Christ knows best how to bind up the heart broken by betrayal, abuse/hurt, and devastating loss because He choose to experience it.   Even in our world today, full of why, why, why....He can minister to the broken and betrayed through His example.  (Hebrews 4:14-16)    Choose His healing today, and break free from that which would hold you in bondage.
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