Good Morning and God Bless!

I haven't done a Sunday Sermon post in awhile.  I have been teaching Sunday School and thus not hearing the main sermons: and I think you are capable of "meatier" fare than the "God Told Noah to Build an Arky-Arky" song.  Although, I still so LOVE that song!

I have been diving into Gods' Word at home though via my current Bible Study, Beth Moore's, Breaking Free.   Today I just wanted to share one my favourite parts thus far.

Reference:  Matthew 14:25-32  (read it here)

What Beth asks us after reading this passage is:   Did the wind die down before or after Christ told His disciples not to be afraid? 
The answer:  After.   When they were back in the boat.
 What's interesting is that when Jesus answered their fearful cries, He did not say "It is I - don't be afraid - I will calm the storm."  
Rather He said:  “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid."

Beth's point:   "Christ does not always immediately calm the storm, but He is always willing to calm His child on the basis of His presence."

Maybe you have some storms in your life that are threatening to drown you in their depths.   Take Faith that He is will you!   He will never leave you - that is His promise (Hebrews 13:5).  Perhaps we will never learn to enjoy our storms.   But we can learn to enjoy God's presence during the storm.

I hope you are experiencing His perfect peace while the storms rage around you!
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