It's Thursday: so you know what that means.  Well yes, it is normally me unplugged day.
But lately, if you are a frequent reader, you may have discovered:

I'm often a tad late for the show.

This weeks' theme was Inspired by the movies    

Whom Do You Seek?

Quem Quaeritis?
in that darkened place
to while away the hours -
while before you on a giant screen,
a Fellowship battles Two dark Towers.          

Whom do you seek
in that technocolor glow?
what hero none can best;
a poet? a fighter? a lone cowboy?
perhaps the lady is crowned above all the rest.

What will you find,
when the plots all played out
and no more clues come your way.
What's Rosebud?  Who's Luke's father!?
When in doubt --- it's Keyser Soze!!

Whom will you meet?
in that magical land
where a bus in peril's on the run
Jack saves the day, and gets the girl --
because remember - he's also The One.

What will you learn?
while your eyes are transfixed
following that yellow brick road;
use the Force! bring a bigger boat!
and remember punk - always reload!

Shaken, not stirred
by all that Jazz
the hills are alive with the jam
but from my seat, at the back of this bus:
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Can you handle the truth?
Do you want to Phone Home?
are you sure that your mommy dear still breathes?
please, my leetle friend, I simply  must know ---
what's in the box, before I can leave.

While some like it hot
and some hands are cool
still others just sing in the rain
no matter the good, the bad, or the ugly ---
Please Sam, just play it again.

Such time has gone by
as the end credits roll
and the ship has sunk with the fish
Is all the world simply a stage? ---
I say simply:  it's all As You Wish.

I had so much fun with this one.  It took me such a long time because I wanted to include so much!  I had to whittle it down substantially.  I could have gone on and on; and never let go....   okay, I'll stop now.
Wait...just one more:

riddle me this -- how many references did you get?
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