I believe I might as well just except the fact that my normal Thursday off-line will be my poetry day.  Which is actually okay, since I find creating prose quite relaxing.    Sounds crazy to those of you who struggle to put even 2 semi-rhyming lines together?

Okay, confession time.   I cheated a bit this week.   Well, sort of.   You see, I think I have already clearly demonstrated that I can write my own poetry.  I hope that has been firmly established.   My "cheat" this week was in consideration for my readers who may think this is beyond their talent; when in fact, with a little guidance, and some practice, you can do it.

The confession:  I used a poem generator this week.   Let's be clear:  to demonstrate how you too can learn how to write your own poetry.    I did have to do some work here - the generator merely makes suggestions for a free verse poem, I still have to pull it all together.    Naturally, I also credited the website author too.

So, hopefully Janice still deems this as a somewhat original creation.   

Hopefully it will encourage others to join the poetic fun.

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On Calm Black Waters

In a dream I shall feel of dark blue pierced with light;
the river murmurs of mad seas;
covered with the! star which is melting away!

In a great bronze chariot by the wave.
- golden foam on her hair, down the long black river.
Curves of her back away in endless flight.
- dreamy eye towards where the stars are sleeping.

And on the horizon, on the calm black water
it is the nymph with soft little shivers
the great dreaming swan like black;

As I was floating down, and distances from that time,
of the sea star-infused and entranced in pallid flotsam
backwards into sleep, i hung there

by RoryBore & Arthur Rimbaud

If you want to try your own hand at creating some inspired prose, play with this POEM Generator.
Often all you need is a starting point.   Like anything else; practice, practice, practice can go a long way.  It will give you many different selections to choose from, but you are still responsible for pulling it all together into some kind of cohesive verse.   

Are you game to try?
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