Autumn theme has left a firm imprint on my blog this week. As if the crisp breeze stealing it's way under my door and through window cracks wasn't enough of a hint that colder weather is coming.

Nothing that cannot be summed up in the few flowing stanzas of  Autumn Haiku's.
Much thanks to Janice at Mommy's Lounge for the inspirational theme.   While your reading some poetry, you can also check out the fabulous digital scrapbook page of Angel Girl.    Thanks so much friend!

After pretty words, it only seems fitting to follow with pretty images of the most glorious season.  For that we only need take a wander through my gardens.   Better be quick - soon it will be buried under a cozy blanket of fallen leaves. 

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willful blooms remain
dare not go gently to frost
Fall into color

And you really have to go check out the playdoh art Germains' son has created!

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