Are you a morning person, or the proverbial night owl?

I do tend to stay up later blogging  than I should.  
However, that's mostly the nights when Left Brain is on the night shift.

Sometimes it's really great staying up late.  The kids are asleep, the house is quiet and there is nothing to interrupt my train of thought.   It's amazing what I can get done blogging and tweeting around the house.   It truly is some time out for mom.

Then, there's nights like last night.  I stayed up late, ah, folding laundry, yeah, that's right I was folding laundry.  And WHAM!   Just like that --- my page list menu disappeared.  Can't imagine how that happened when I was all the way over by the laundry machine.  *eye roll*   Perhaps related to the images I was trying to load via tinkering with my css/html/whatchamacallit codes -- in between searching for missing socks of course.  (you know how that goes, right?  you start to wander around the house, looking for something, so long that you forget what you were looking for?)   Anyhoo; these images were supposed to just replace the titles, and keep the menu bar.    Nay, nay.

So there you have my temporary symbols that will open the pages in a new window until I figure something out.    I wanted one of those nifty Featured Content Automatic Slider doohickeys, like the WorldPress blogs have.  

Ah ya think dat might be reachin a tad beyond yer wee self?

Well, I was game to try anyway.   So here I sit once kids abed after a lazy day with everyone on the verge of getting a cold.   Including mom.   I officially declared it "watch any kid movie you want' day.    Some sleepytime tea close at hand, and children all nestled, and tucked quietly in their beds.....

.....again, I say, Nay, Nay.

Nothing like the sounds of your middle child vomiting coming loud and clear over the baby monitor. screaming for her mommy, and then the 2 year old, having been startled awake like the very hounds of hell had entered the room.    Both are crying and yelling for me, but let's face it -- one is covered in stinky puke, and the other is still bath bubble sweet baby -- who would you go to first?  

Of course I went to puke-face first.   I threw the baby a stuffed toy on the way by.  Carried Angel Girl off to the tub.   Then went back to settle Zoo Zoo.   Naturally, I passed Monkey Boy in the hallway, on his way to the bathroom.   I briefly entertained a nightmarish vision of my daughter having to get sick in the toilet, while my son peed on her head.......and I guess it was at that point that I really had to laugh about it all.     No one else was laughing with me.

Monkey Boy was upset because he wanted to go back to sleep in our bed, but I put Angel Girl there so a 2nd vomit bout, would not re-awaken Zoo Zoo.   Not that she has really settled down to sleep yet.  After 2 hours.    So I have 2 children still awake in the wee small hours of the night, I'm too tired to fix my blog, plus I have to wait until the dirty, stinky sheets are finished in the sanitize cycle...... AND.....the one child who started this whole mayhem...... is fast asleep in my bed.

You know, I remember staying up late before I was married with kids.  I remember staying up late enough on Saturday night, to watch the sun rise.

I remember it being a whole lot more fun.

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