Good morning and Happy Monday!
I hope that your week is off to a good start. We are still under some rain clouds here, and it is definitely NOT the "break the humidity" kind of rain from summer. There be a definite chilly dampness in the air.   Hello Fall.   Good thing you're so pretty.

So while it is semi dark and dreary outside, what better time than to indulge in some Guilty Pleasures!
Make your own list, then link up at Stasha's.  

10.   What no list, and I do mean ANY list, is complete without:   chocolate!    

9.   Which of course, goes really well with:   

8.    And thus, equals this:

 7.  And of course, you will need something to wash that goodness down.   Water is really good for you.   So is milk, but honestly.....what's to feel guilty about that?    You need to double down folks.

6.    Feels good, right?   Now, if you can just find some place to chill out while you're buzzing on all that caffeine.   Sure, you could go for a run -- use all that sugar to your advantage.    Except, that's not our theme today, is it?   Nay, Nay.

5.   You might be awhile, better grab something to entertain yourself.    Show that you are making good use of your time.

hmmmm....what to choose, what to choose?
4.  Whew!  Is it hot in here, or is it just me?   Better cool down with something.   I mean, you've already got some bubbles.....why not add more?

3.   Okay lazy thing.   Enough with the pampering already....time to get dressed and go about your day!   It's gonna be a big day......better look your best!     Every girl loves PINK , right?    Highly recommended for playdoh construction, finger painting, and getting hugs from sticky fingered toddlers.

seriously....soooo comfy.
2.  Although, yes, some days, I wish I could rock the pump like POSH does.    What's not to love?

Helllloooo Lover!
1.  But really, despite all the fantasies one busy blogger mom could indulge in.   All the things she thinks she may desire.   Secretly, at the end of the day, nothing brings greater pleasure.... and I don't really feel that guilty about it.

But ssshhhhhh -- you'll wreck my Manic Monday, coffee and chocolate chugging, smut reading, tub lounging, doin it all in peep-toed pumps bloggy mom image!

Have a great week everyone!

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