I have not written a Manic Monday post in  awhile I think.    Basically because they have not been all that manic.   With the 2 older kids both in school on Mondays, life is much easier with one little toddler.   At least when she's not trying to re-arrange the file cabinet drawers, climb into the fish tank, or color my yellow couch with a black Sharpie.   All true events my friends!

However today, being a holiday - specifically one which follows 2 birthday parties on the weekend -which although fun, lots of fun:  left me no time to carve pumpkins.   3 to be exact.   Oh, and the one I am supposed to paint yellow to look like a Pokemon.

And my children are not content to have just some eyes and a scary mouth.  Nay, Nay.   The think my real name is Martha.   Here are previous years pumpkins:

Tinkerbell......never again!  although it looked great lit. trust

Left Brain cannot be "tricked" into such wearisome art:

And of course, we don't forget the treat.   Why save such tasty fare for just Christmas?
haunted gingerbread house the kids did
So what challenging face will I attempt to carve today?   Or, sorry -- 3 challenging faces since no child wants to be left out of the pumpkin carving torture tradition.   

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Come back tomorrow for the chat and I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!  It can be photos of the costumes, the pumpkin, the treats...maybe a trick?  Or maybe you just have a spooky tale to share.  Like mine about the haunted house I grew up beside.   The link will be up later this week - on Tuesday, so come on back, after you have pilfered your kids treat basket, grab the button and join the spooky chat!

Have a happy and safe Trick or Treating Adventure!
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