It's all silent as I sit here; save the clickety-clack of the keys as I strike. Words forming from out of the dark, onto the flickering light of the screen. All seems so still and serene - a setting I most fervently seek after long days.  But tonight it seems all wrong. There should be the tinkling pitter-patter from above....

.... such a poetic entrance can only mean one thing!
Time to link up your poem on tonight's theme: RAIN

Healing Drops

a raindrop fell
from a stormy sky
to kiss a petal
that once was shy -
the blossom grew
into beauty rare
and shared its scent
upon the morning air -
the scent drifted
through my open pane
to linger in dreams
till darkness waned -
I fear not
that gentle shower
which reveals lost beauty
in its' cleansing power -

By the time I was ready to publish this post.......thunder rolled across the sky.    How fitting, that there are moments when we find exactly what we seek.   How comforting to know that when my soul is thirsty and dry - the rains come down.   So, you get a bonus video tonight too.

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