This weeks' theme is Noise: something I have in full supply 'round here.  In fact, most days, my ears runneth o'er.   No, that wasn't my poem.   Actually, you get 2 poems tonight.   The first, well consider it a play-by-play of prose.  It represents what actually is going on around here at any given moment.  The second - basically, it's what goes on when they are asleep!   My life is a strange juxtaposition of deafening din and roaring silence.

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Inspired thru Noise

There's Bratz girls singing
a telephone ringing
Buzz is a-flyin
and Live Babies a-cryin
a light sabre battle
blocked by  baby's rattle
surrounded by this din of toys -
How can I Blog with all this noise?!

yelling and giggles,
the music of Wiggles
a GGGOOOALLL of soccer
and guns of a snow-walker
a boo and a peek
now off to hide and seek
the pitter-patter of tiny feet -
with all this noise, how can I Tweet?!

these kids are so busy
my head feels quite dizzy
but they're happy and smiling
I guess there's no denying;
that boisterous play of girls and boys
means greater the fun, greater the noise
and if silence were the order to my day --
no posts, no tweets, for I'd have nothing to say!

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Reflections At Dawn

In the chilly early minutes
of pre-dawn gray and gold
where only lonely whippoorwill
sings the day a new
amidst the rustling dance
of maple leafs twirling
upon wind-whispered limbs
when no traffic hums along
the concrete commuter trek
I, snuggled deep in downy warmth
steal a few moments more
a cozy, peaceful rest
amidst the sounds of silence.

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