I have really been enjoying these poetry posts.   Janice at Mommy's Lounge has been suggesting some really great themes.    When I write, it is usually based on inspiration.  Something stirs in my brain and flows out onto the paper.   But, to sit down and write based on a given theme: this has really stretched my prose muscle.   Lovin it!

This week's theme is Discovery.   Naturally, my first inclination was towards self discovery (hey, it's my blog afterall), and I had already started that journey HERE.   But as I watched Zoo Zoo go about her day today, with a very catchy Barbie tune in the background, it became so obvious:    No one does discovery better than a toddler!  I hope I captured the energy of a playful toddler in the tone and rythym -- it was tricky. 

The Discovery Queen

it's seven
she's ready
she's lettin me know
mama get me out
I've got places to go
I'm sleepy
she's hungry
she wants gummies to eat
mama fill me up
I've got people to meet

Jump up, get dressed: head to toe
shirt first, pants next - you're ready to go.
catch that babe, she's on the move
do the hokey-pokey, get into the groove.

She's Queen for the day ----
dancing here, jumping there, painting the walls
She's Queen for the day ---
peeking in, pulling down, running the halls.

Her Majesty is wrecking my house!
Jig's up mom - bow down
it's now you see:
you're trapped in the realm of Discovery!

it's seven (again)
she's sleepy (finally)
her eyes tell the tale
mama kiss me nite-nite
Captn' ZZZ's settin sail
I'm swayin
she's driftin
she lets go of my hand
mama tuck me in:
next discovery - Dreamland.

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