So I had a great time with my mom on Saturday. But I woke up feeling awful today. That's what Mother Nature gives the mom trying to take a break.

Ah, look at you mommy - out kicking up your heels; enjoying yourself.   Isn't that nice.  
Whoops, looks like you forgot your coat there mom: and what do you tell your kids?   
Put a coat on?   Um-hmm, well here ya go --- here's a wicked head cold for being so 
desperate to get away from your brood; that you left home poorly attired for Canadian Fall.

So we didn't make it to church today.    But for some odd reason, we baked quite a bit.  Cookies, cupcakes and butter cream frosting from scratch.   The kids loved it, of course, but I can't taste anything.   You know you don't feel well at all when a homemade chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting doesn't sound tasty.

Either that, or've ruined me for good food!

Anyway, here's your Tuesday Coffee Chat Sneak Peek:

Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

This week is the Mom Brag!   Which is just as it sounds: you get to brag, uncensored, about your kiddos!  Finally potty trained?  Big girl bed?   Made the hockey/soccer/debate team?  Haven't been in time out for 2 whole days?  Whatever, big or small, this is your chance for shameless fawning! 

Hope your weekend has been wonderful.
And don't forget to put a coat on, eh?
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