I don't know if you all have noticed this
increasing trend over the past couple
of years: The Birthday Blowout! 
It seems parents are trying to outdo one another to make the

I have heard stories about parents spending thousands: on parties their 2,3,4 year old is not likely to even remember.  Pony rides,  Bouncy Castles, bubble machines, live music, a magician and a clown to make whatever balloon you fancy.   Isn't that the circus?   And that's probably the tip of the iceberg.

Now, I am somewhat divided on the issue.  On one hand, it's for a kid - go all out!   Their birthday should be grand.  Whether they remember it or not.  I don't remember any of mine really, but I know I have great memories of childhood.   So it must be part and parcel of the whole childhood package really.  I mean, if I had a terrible birthday - I would probably remember that, and it might affect me to this day.   Also, don't we all deserve one day of the year when we are spoiled rotten?  Shouldn't we all know on our special day that someone is happy we were born?  Besides dear mom and dad.

The flip side of course concerns the commercialism.  The money spent on all the little details.   Those tiny, or huge "must haves" that you think will make, or break the party.   This is the danger.  When the details and the cost become what matters most.   I didn't go broke for my wedding, and I am certainly not going to put myself in the poor house for a 7 year old's birthday party!

Yet, here I am frantically searching the Internet (um hello Pinterest....aren't you a marvel of info for the eyes!) for ideas to pull together the Star Wars party for Monkey Boy.   Partly because yes, I want him to have a great party.  And yes partly because I will have about eight 6-8 year old boys in my home, and I'd like it still standing when the party is done.  I'd like to still be able to stand too.   Not likely if I get caught up in all the details and scurry around trying to make it.just.so.    I want them to be busy....not me.

Ultimately, I know that little boys live in the moment.  They love to play.    So yes, there will be light sabers and battles will erupt; of that I have no doubt.   A little focus is all that is required perhaps:  enter the Death Star pinata.   Here boys - defeat the Dark Side!   I am sure Left Brain Darth Vader will make an appearance also.   There will be a Jedi Training Obstacle course/scavenger hunt to find the stolen Yoda.   Very important because Yoda will also have the loot bags!  

But oh, those little details can be so irrestible.  Here's the invitation template:

And here's how I will do the Find Yoda Obstacle Course/Scavenger Hunt.  The "clues" will be on the card.

I haven't found an image for the cake yet.  It might just be the Star Wars logo and some of his Star Wars Lego stuff placed around.   I have printed off some great images that will be used to decorate the house, and some are of the bad guys for target practice.   Some are cupcake toppers......

.....see!  Look how easy it is to go completely, out of this galaxy crazy with details.
Wouldn't it be so much easier to just let them eat cake, play and leave?

How about you?  Gone crazy with party details for your little ones?
Did someone get crazy, or just get it "right" for you?
I'd love to hear ALL the details...... not that I am desperate or anything!

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