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When I started this blog a couple of years ago, it felt like I was going back to school.   I knew nothing about blogging, or even computers: html, widgets and URL images, OH MY!

Thus, it was necessary to basically learn everything from design to code writing, to changing fonts and colours on my own.  It may have been much easier to hire someone to do a fancy-schmancy blog design for me; but that would not be very respectful to the The Budget, and I don't think I would feel as good about the final product.  This blog is my other baby.   The one I brag most about at parties.

Just kidding - I don't get out much.   What with blog reading, writing, and design research and all.

So I thought I would take all of you back to the classroom with me and share some of the tricks and tips I have implemented lately.

*Always, always remember to back up your template so that should the "Holy Crap WTF have I just done..$$*@*@?!" moment occurs - well, you have a backup.*

Cluttered Sidebars?  At the Older Geek   you can learn how to edit your template so that all your widgets, images, links, labels, buttons, etc, etc. appear only in the sidebars on your blog's homepage.

Want A Great DIY Blog Header?  Head (couldn't resist) on over to Clover Lane to see a tutorial on how to make a really easy header using Picasa.

Love Buttons?  Go visit  Hip Chick's  and design your own "Grab Me" Blog Button.

Want to play Peek-A-Boo with your Blogger NavBar? 
All Blog Tools has an easy step to edit the navbar to only appear on hover.  Go ahead and try mine at the top of the page.

Add an Icon to Your Post Titles?   Like my stylish stylo before the post title?   You can learn how to create your own at Blog Bulk.  You can also learn how to make your own Favicon here to replace the standard orange "B" Blogger uses.   All you have to do is create the icon image, go to your Design Page and you can see how easy Blogger has now made it to edit your Favicon.

Social Butterfly?  Then you need to ensure followers can easily find you at all your other "time outs".  I started with my basic coffee cup image, and then edited in the applicable logos for all my Social Networking Sites.   HERE is where I learned how to do it.

Got "John Hancock" Syndrome?  If you want to add your own stylish signature to each post, check out the tutorial HERE.   This tutorial is great because it shows you an easy way which will add the signature to all future posts, or the trickier one which edits your template, but puts the signature on ALL posts.

Most of these sites also offer other tutorials and tips for bloggers.   Pretty much anything you want to do with your blog, you can find someone who knows, and is willing to share their wisdom.  I love that our community helps one another to be the best, most creative bloggers we can aspire to be!

I also highly recommend keeping all your codes, 1) the basic code, and 2) your personalized complete code, in a Notepad file.  I say notepad, as opposed to Word, etc., because there is no formatting (hence less chance of "oops!") in Notepad. 
I'm not just a klutz on my blog, I play one in real life too.


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