A ngel Girl started her first full day of Junior Kindergarten on Friday.

I'm fine, really I am fine.
I didn't peel out of the driveway mere moments after the bus pulled away.
After all...that would have probably scared the wits out of Zoo Zoo; seeing me drive off like that! LOL
And first and foremost, I needed a coffee to go - of course.

We strolled around our little town's downtown area, enjoying a burst of warm sunshine that has been rarely felt this week.   We browsed a book store, bought some shoes, and then she ate scones with me at a little tea house.   Sitting all prim and adorable at the little bistro table.    I gotta tell ya, I cannot tell a lie.....it was lovely just having 1 child!!   I love them, but man, I am most often outnumbered.

I can't deny enjoying the certain measure of freedom that comes from having 2 school aged children. Especially since it means that little Zoo Zoo and I will have some time for just the two of us. Something she has never had; unlike the older 2, who each have "had the mommy" all to themselves. But listen little one, and listen well: the naps stay. Or all deals are off.

Here's Angel Girl at the Open House earlier in the week.  The poor teacher.....she's going to want to play with that dollhouse All The Time.

Showing her Barbie girl clothes.  Checkout that backpack!  I tried to nudge her towards a smaller one, but she wants this one.  I give it 2 weeks, tops, before she is crawling off the bus and across the street begging for that hot thing mommy puts on her tummy!

spared ya the freaky driver this time
And finally, little Zoo Zoo, so relaxed and quiet at the Open House, that I almost forgot her.
(I told you this is my DUH and stupid week.)

So, how have you survived the back to school week?
Should I send coffee, wine, spa gift certificates?