Today is a really special day! The kind of day that does not come along very often. I mean, it's like a comet....only blazes in every 47 years; or something like that.  

Wow, you say.   That MUST be a very special day.   Whatever is happening?

Well, I'll tell you.   But  "sshhhhh......", don't let the kiddos know, or all may be lost!

I am leaving the house.


Meaning: Me, Myself, I.   All alone.   As in, no kids.
And I am not going to the grocery store.
Or to a doctor's appointment, drug store (well, maybe there because I have a cold -- but still, alone.)
No, I am going Someplace.
It could be anywhere, really, but specifically, is is here:

the view from Foley's Mountain
Isn't it the prettiest little town you ever saw?   Artists come from far and wide, to the top of this mountain, Foley's, to capture this quaint vista.   You can hike up on the mountain (done that), or you can just go to enjoy the view (done that too.)  
This is Westport, Ontario, Canada.
Why here, you say?
Well, besides all the fantastic little shops, bakeries, fudge, and artists studios that attract many here, there is something else that makes this place, and this day, special.

My mom and I used to take many trips to Westport.   No, not just for all the homemade fudge shops and shopping.   We'd often have lunch at this little country Inn on the water:

And I will certainly be taking her today.   Because the other special thing is:

It is my mommy's birthday today!
And since she already has everything (seriously, she does) I thought the best gift to give her today, was ME.    Well, me.....without the kids.    Which means she gets my undivided attention today.  
And I can go pee all by myself.   And feed myself.   I am practically no work at all.
Unlike the 3 children that normally are in tow.
Which means, she can get spoiled -- instead of her spoiling all of us.   Which she does darn near the other 364 days of the year.

Oh yes, there will be shopping.   And probably some wine.   And most certainly some fudge.   But mostly, there will be TIME.   Just for us to be together.   Because I miss spending time with just my mom and me.

Kinda sounds like I am getting the gift here, doesn't it?

Happy Birthday Mommy!  I love you!

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