With summer winding down, and school daze days soon upon us....not to mention a sweltering hot, humid day, it seemed like one more trip to the local beach was a great, and timely, idea!

  I am so glad that we found this beach, only 10 minutes down the road.   Before then we used to swim at another beach on the Ottawa Swamp River.    Monkey Boy actually got sick once after swimming in it.    But the water at this place is clean and refreshing.  (Yes, that is Canadian speak for a tad chilly.) There is a sandy beach -- bit of a hill though, but it's perfect to lounge around and watch the water-skiers go by.   The kids love playing in the waves.   They also built a play structure, some swings, and a bathroom this year.   We couldn't ask for a nicer place to spend the last of the lazy, hot days of summer!

baby and wet diaper + hot slide....Nay, Nay - Owie!
  We met up with some friends and enjoyed a great bonfire - complete with Smores.
So...what the heck......might as well go all out and make like we are camping!

yes, it's a big tent...there's 5 of us!

 Backyard bonfires, BBQ's and camping.
 Perfect holiday weekend.

Any special plans this weekend?