I don't know what your mornings are like....but I find often I am so busy getting the kids ready to get out the door, that I forget about myself.

Now, it is not like I live the life of Posh and have to look cover-shot ready each morning at the bus stop.  But neither do I want to look the part of a tired, haggard mom.   I have posted before about easy 5 minutes to beauty HERE.    But some days, I couldn't even be bothered with that.    However, I do have a few Bus Stop essentials that - I hope - keep me from appearing at the bus stop in curlers and a tattered housecoat.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

First of all - you just gotta be comfortable.  I am out there with 3 kids and they all want to run in the park across from our house while they wait.  As much as I'd love to put on me fancy pants and shoes -- not at all practical.    Enter the yoga pant.   

Now the secret here is, no matter how tempting: no baggy sweatshirts, or tshirts on top.  Fitted - not frumpy.  If you live in Canada where it is now about 13-16 Celsuis in the morning, fine, I will allow you a funky hoodie. 

Get the side-eye?  Lie.  As far as they know - you are doing a workout right after your kids leave.  Or a power walk with the toddler accessory.

The other key is cute footwear.   Ya know, cause you don't take yourself too seriously.   You ARE go with the flow mom.  

You'll change into your running shoes later.


 And of course, you're a busy mom....and you need to show just how busy you are - needs coffee.  And it has to be "to go" because if you don't have time for hair and makeup:  how could you have time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee?

Back to the "no time for hair and make up".    If you have longish hair, you absolutely need to master the art of the "messy bun".   Because it has that deliberate I didn't really make an effort, yet am still unassumingly sexy thing going on.

If you are really lucky.....your husband won't be able to resist a sweet kiss on that exposed nape.

And if you cannot master this look, or have short hair that just requires too much work:

just own it!

Course, a girl just has to have a little extra sparkle some days.  I'm not too fussy on these days.  I'll grab whatever is handy.   It often smells really great too.    Kinda partial to the Dr. Pepper lip gloss myself.

There you go.  Just a few things mom needs to survive Bus Stop Faux Pas this year.

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