I woke up cold today. Seems like Mother Nature thought it wise to remind me, "Hey idiot, you live in Canada. Still think backyard tenting was a good idea on Labour Day Weekend?"

 Besides the fact that it has rained the past two nights - with a wicked thunder and lightening storm on Saturday night.   Seems kids don't fall asleep to the pitter-patter of raindrops on a tent roof as easily as one might think.   Although, yes darlings, the flashes of lightening, while scary....do look wicked cool on the tent walls.   But, thanks to a tarp overhead, we did stay dry.    And of course, the kids absolutely loved it.   Secretly?   I love sleeping out in the Great Outdoors too.   And I couldn't even be that upset about the rain, since it is exactly what my new garden beds needed.  I confess to even peeking at them in the middle of the night via flashlight.

So, first cup of coffee done.   But no time to rest this holiday Monday.  There is laundry to be finished, a house to clean, backpacks to be filled for the First Day of School tomorrow!!    We crammed a lot of fun into this week because, well,  All Work And No Play Makes Mama Cranky.

So the blogging schedule will be a bit interrupted this week.    Back to school has coincided with Left Brain's going on night shift, so things will be a bit hectic.  I want to ensure I am focused on kids needs this week....especially since it is Angel Girls' first year.  That means Open House, meeting with her JrK teacher, etc. etc.   And of course, I am sure I will have there will be homework to be done.

 For now lovely readers, I hope you all have a lovely Labour Day!

Coffee Chat

Cancelled this Tuesday.  Return in one week, September 13, 2011, where the theme will be Back to School.  It can be a post about your childrens' first day.  What they wore.  What they did. What YOU did with a few more hours freedom perhaps.  Or, your own memories of school.  See you next week!