Late Sunday night. 
Actually, early Monday Morning.
(Hey, Happy Manic Monday everyone. 
How's it starting?  Clearly, mine is self evident)

Left Brain is camping in the backyard with Monkey Boy and Angel Girl.   I feel bad.  He worked late and basically had to eat supper, then go straight out to the tent because it was their bedtime.   He's exhausted, so I thought he might appreciate the early bedtime.   Plus, my mom is visiting and well......I wasn't gonna have her miss The Good Wife premiere stick her out in the tent!  
But note to LB: take down the darn tent!!  It's been about 4 weeks already -- of Course they are going to ask to sleep in it!   

I am fairly whipped you could say too.  Given that I have taxied my children to 3 birthday parties this weekend, while also trying to plan and organize Monkey Boys' 7th Birthday party for next weekend.   So, there you go:   seems like a pretty good topic for Tuesday's Coffee Chat.

Honest, not really in desparate need of ideas. Although, IF you have ever planned a Star Wars Themed party for your child, I would love to hear all about it.

The birthday party that my kids attended today was a Super Spy Adventure that unfolded 60 feet underground in a bomb shelter.  Seriously.   You can check it out HERE.

Unless I can convince Mr. Lucas to actually let me "borrow" R2D2 and C3P0 for a live appearance --- how the heck do you top a bomb shelter!!??  Remember the days when pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey was the coolest game?  Sure to impress.  Maybe hang a pinata to really take it over the top?  Not so these days.  It's all out adventures or bust!

So perhaps you all can inspire me to throw Monkey Boy a truly "out of this world" 7th birthday party.  Come on back on Tuesday, write a post about the best birthday party you ever had, attended or organized for your own child, link up and share.   

So, it's looking like it's gonna be a busy week.   I started a Bible Study based on Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" series that meets every Thursday - and gives homework!   Not to mention my "other" nightly homework (that deserves a *side-eye*).  Swimming lessons start this week.   Monkey Boy's birthday on Wednesday and Friend Party on Saturday.  And probably several other things I cannot remember right now.

May the Force Be With Me!
(and several clones would be great too, thanks.)

How's your week starting? 
Wanna escape to a Galaxy far, far away with me?
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