May you never again know the burning scent of ashes in the wind.

Courtesy Armed Forces Unite

Kathleen Woodiwiss

Oh, my home!
My land of sunshine,
Of loving folk and
Gently passing days.
You are gone!
Gone beneath the booted
Heel of WAR;
The million-legged worm
That crawls mindlessly across
My land and leaves behind
A tangled waste of broken lives
And lifeless bodies.

You have left me! Alone! Forlorn!
Atoss like a leaf upon the flood.
Whereever I would set my feet and rest,
I find— Despair.
You have rent the fabric
Of my soul with your going.
You have fled my grasp,
And everywhere I turn, I find—
The hated small of WAR,
The acrid scent of
Ashes! Ashes!
Ashes in the Wind!

Oh, my home!
Your wisdom exceeded far
My meager understanding
I have won!
I am thrice blessed!
You were with me all along, and only slept,
Awaiting this rich soil to spread your roots and
You have taught me this,
And I no more shall fear
The scent of change,
The loss of Yesterday.
Upon its charred remains,
I will build today!
And lay the foundation of tomorrow!
And nevermore regret,
The smell of ashes in the wind.

God's grace, mercy and Peace be with us all today.