In the Dirt page updated.
I wasn't busy enough with the house, kids, and online I dug me a new garden. actually, 2 if you count the complete overhaul of the other. and did some transplanting.
It's my Zen, what can I say?

Best thing about gardening......the long Cool shower after. Especially if your boobs have sweated a lot - not sure why that feels so good. um, that may have been TMI.....sorry.

Plus, for some reason, digging in Mother Earth, then getting clean.....makes me feel all sexy and hot. Like, "want it right there in the shade of the maple tree, with the bees' buzzin' in the flowers and the scent of wet, fresh earth...." sorry....TMI again, eh?

I really don't know where that come from at all. I can't help it!
I'm such a dirty girl.
only in the come by it honestly sort of way, of course.

If you like gardening, check out the page.
*hot and bothered reaction not typical results*