It's Friday!
Yep, I'm a stay at home, that means pretty much nothing to me.    As for the rest of you, "cheers" if you have a glass to raise.

Don't mind the mess 'round here.  I have been tweaking my blog layout over the past week.   No, has nothing to do with cleaning things up before the Fall TV Premiers commence.   nay, nay.   I just like the learning.   And, okay;  I was having trouble reading my own font.  And you know how it change one little thing, and then spy another......the next thing you know it is 3 am, the candles have long burned down and you realize:   It's A School Night!   Crap.  This is gonna hurt tomorrow....

So, you may see things come and go from one day to the next while I decide what I like best.  Or, what will actually work.    Most bloggers have a test blog, but I am too lazy busy to do things twice.
I don't want too much work digging into my actual blogging time.

Why, I'd miss all the fun parties!
Let's see what's happenin' over at Hilary's


1. Strawberries are my favorite fruit.   I'm mildly allergic - I won't die or anything, but get very bad stomach pains.  Thanks Mother Nature.

2. I know it sounds silly but, I can’t stand noisey eaters.   Although, I have no personal gripes with any actual cows.

3. The smell of coconuts reminds me of that time in Cuba when, .....nevermind.

4. I have to wash soda cans before I drink from them because God only knows what vermin has ran, peed, or otherwise left it's filth on them.   Yes, I do realize this may be part Urban Legend.....but I am still not putting my mouth on the can.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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