With all the craziness of back to school, back to making lunches, back to back meetings, back to routine -- mama just wants to go back to bed.  Tomorrow is Angel Girls first full day and very first time on the bus.   I must be a bit nervous because it is very, very late early and here I still am.

Perhaps mama needs to take her mind off worrisome things like bus accidents and scary strangers at schools; relax and have some fun.  So, let's all go visit Hilary at the beach, shall we?

Head on over to Feeling Beachie  and copy/paste the 4 Questions, and have some Friday Fun!

1. I always refuse to admit that I am dumb.  Or rather, that something, or someone makes me feel stupid.  I'd rather pretend I don't care.

2. I won’t eat liver.  Ugh - the smell! 

3. I would like to hang out with my husband, Left Brain for a day.   I went with the romantic answer since we haven't had a date night since.....how old is Zoo Zoo?

4. I would like to learn how to speak several languages, drive a stick-shift, decorate my entire house, write a book......oh, this could get long, better quit less I prove I am actually dumb.

Have a great weekend everyone!