Awhile back, I did a post about how Canadians prepare for spring. You can find it HERE.

Stasha over at My Good Life is bidding a fond farewell to summer.  You have to see her amazing pictures of her big, adorable dog Big M.    I thought it might be fun to do another list about how we Canadians might prepare for fall.    After your done here......go check out some other lists, and why not link up your own post.

So here we go.....signs you know it's time to say good-bye to summer:

1.  Backyard tenting.  If you wake up and you can see your breath, or step outside to pee and there is frost on the ground:  time to pack up the tent for next year.  Alternatively, if you are the one who remains inside the house with the baby, and you wake up at 5 am to your son's cold feet and shivering body wrapped around you -- again I say:  put the tent away!

2.  One morning, while waiting for the bus, you will notice that there are new colors in your garden.  Those snapdragons you waited all summer to bloom?  Yeah -- apparently they are tired little flowers that need a dose of frost to wake them up.   Ironically, your fall mums refuse to bloom.

3.  Seeing that frost on your new blooms will remind you:  perhaps its time to put the flip flops away.  And get a pedicure.  YOU see those doesn't matter if anyone else does.

4.  As in April, you will revisit the idea of front hall expansion because again, there are 3 seasons worth of clothing crammed into the closet.    Yes, you will be tempted to leave all because There May Just Be a Warm Sept/Oct. Day.  Resist.   One light jacket and 1 pair of running shoes is all that is required.   Crocs be gone...bring out the warmer clothes.

This also means you must crawl into that space under your stairs where you keep seasonal clothes.  The dark space that has been abandoned all summer.  What will you find?  who knows.....because you have no idea where the flashlights are.  tent? van? under son's loft bed?    let's head to next point....

5.  Storage/Organization.  As in you desparately need some.   Between change of season clothes and all the seasonal outdoor toys crammed into the garage.   This is Canada -- there could be snow At Any Minute!!  Your hubby is now obsessed with fitting the van into the garage.  Good luck champ - have at 'er.    Bonus:  many "lost things" will be found.   except the flashlights.

6.  Of course, hubby will also think van requires thorough cleaning: inside and out.   I say, have some fun with this.  Make yourself some coffee, pull up a chair and watch him try to clean the inside of a vehicle:  while 3 children play inside it.    The irony that this is what occurs inside the home won't be lost on you.  perhaps him, so make sure you give cheerios as the next in-car snack. 

7.   If you are the sort that enjoys a nice cold summer is the time to take back your empties.    Congrats.  Your vehicle should now fit into your garage.    Question is:  will  you spend the money all in one, i.e the same place?  Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner...might as well stock up.

8.  Shorter Days.   It starts to get dark just after 7 pm now.  In a few short weeks, that will be closer to 5:30 pm.   You know what that means right?   Tired kids that are much easier to put to bed when it is actually dark out.   No more, "Yes, I know the sun is still shining and other kids are outside....but trust me:  It's bedtime!"  Now?  Silence by 8 pm.  *sigh*

9.   While grocery shopping, you must sprint by all the halloween candy that is convenietly located beside the fruit and veggies.    Except that one small bag of Kit Kat that you will hide in the freezer because well,  Hey - moms deserve a break today, and every day.

10.   While grocery shopping, you automatically steer your cart towards the freezies.  Then pause.   Where are they?  The time has passed.  You head to the hot chocolate aisle instead; and don't forget the mini marshmallows.  Like late night backyard bonfires.......Hot chocolate after school simply must have marshmallows.  

Isn't it nice that some things remain constant, no matter the season.

Farewell summer.  Thanks for the memories!

PS.  Anyone know why I suddenly can't seem to grab anyone's button?  I keep getting error messages.
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