I captured these beautiful sunset images amidst scurrying around locating all my tea light candles: in case a coming storm knocked out our power.    Hurricane Irene was sweeping her winds, rain and devastation along the East coast -- we weren't expected to get much of a storm, but I am a good girl scout, so on a candle hunt I went.

I couldn't help be struck by how fickle Nature can be.  Here I was, enjoying a glorious sunset, while she spewed her treacherous beauty elsewhere.

For you photo-techie sorts, I shot this image on my cell phone.  I aimed and pressed the button. 

from my back deck

from my front deck

front deck again
Since I talk too much for a truly Wordless Wednesday, and she's very understanding of that, I am linking my pics up at Kiddothings.    You should join me there, even if you are more the strong, silent type.

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