If you are a regular reader o' mine, you'll know that every now and then I bust out the poetic chops and share some original verse.  So how thrilled am I to discover a new meme over at Mommy's Lounge!

Each Tuesday night, Janice will suggest a theme for your poem.   All you have to do is let your creative juices flow, link up and enjoy some other original prose from other blogs.  (It's generally considered nice to follow the host too; in this case, you won't be disappointed.)   Tonight's theme is Lullaby, and here is mine.

Flight of Dreams

When the sun has paled the sky
and the moon risen to her rest
when all the creatures down will lie
and the birds have sought the nest
snuggled close 'neath starry eyes
your head upon my breast
heavy lids and sleepy sighs
it's time to seek your rest.

I'll tell a tale of a maiden fair
who danced in a fairy ring
braided flowers crown her hair
as she lifts her voice to sing
a melody so sweet, so rare
both smile and tear did bring
while all woods lay still as air
and moonlit dreams take wing.

off you drift to dreamland
to places far and near
with a fairy, hand in hand
into Nature's heart so dear
o'er rivers pure, and mountains grand
you'll soar with naught a fear
'till once more, a-bed you land
where mama's love awaits you here.

Coffee Chat: Books

Don't forget...the LINK is still open if you'd like to join in the coffee chat! Today I was talking about my love of books, particularly how much I am enjoying my current read, The Naked Mom, by Brooke Burke Charvet.