I am loving participating in this new meme....special thanks to Germaine at Kiddothings for bringing it to my attention.   I always seem to view life as "poetry in motion".  Others may have a musical soundtrack as the background to their life; and somedays I may have a song stuck in my head.  But mostly my mind views life events unfolding around me through a prose-filtered lens.

I had actually posted this original piece about a month ago when I seemed to be in a  perpetual fog:  sounds like it fits this weeks theme of Confusion quite well!  (although, I do have another piece swirling inside my head, it just isn't quite right, yet.)

If you have a poet's heart, please share your verse by linking up.   Or, if you just enjoy reading poetry, visit Janet over at Mommy's Lounge

Heart Dreams Falling

Oft times, these dreams swirling 'round my head,
fall in shards: heavy on my heart.
Days when this willowy soul succumbs:
twisted and plaited by other hands.
Pulling me this way.
Pushing me that way.
Ever farther from that distant want that is
always close at hand, yet forever out of reach:
a need that threatens to burn --
yet I scramble, I stumble
onward with endless breath; enduring.
wondering, wandering alone while the
heartwind whispers its' secrets
words of wisdom, all but lost to me
amidst the fury of passing storms.
How far must one fly?
above the rage of wind and willows
to hear the heartsong calling,
softly, sweetly vowing promise --
to laugh, to hope, to dream:
to fall deep in its' wild tempest
and know the whispered caress
of surrender.
then wings unfurled,
freedom flies once again --
to catch the unfolding dream
once locked deep within,
now soaring, searching
snatching elusive peace
heavy burdens light once more,
quieting the storm,
stilling the wanting,
and ushering forth the calm.

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