Good Day and welcome to the weekly coffee chat.

I am actually enjoying a glass of wine as I write this.   I dug myself a new garden today AND went to the gym, so I do believe I have earned a libation.

And wine just seems to go better with a Rant!

Yeah, I know, Canadians are supposed to be nice. You'll have to get over that....just for today.   I can rave about my new garden another day.

But for now, my name is Rory and this is my rant.

People should wear signs.  Or perhaps descriptive tees.   No, not those funny ones like "I'm with Stupid", or "Kiss Me I'm Irish".     Personality, or character descriptions; warnings really.    Because....well, then you'd know.  You can prepare.
For example, you see someone wearing a shirt with the sign, "I don't play well with others," you know to quickly cross to the other side of the street.   If I was at the local park and saw a lone woman with the shirt stating, "Children make you tired, grumpy and prematurely gray.  avoid at all costs", I know, okay, so no play dates.   But I'm sooo having coffee with her.

Now I know we are tripping dangerously into the area of labelling.  Judging books by the covers if you will.   You mean - you don't judge a book by its cover?  'Cause I always look at the cover.  I find it is usually a pretty accurate portrayal of the content inside.  I am not saying we resort to branding people with Scarlett letters or anything.   Anyway, how would you know if the A meant Adulterer, or Asshole?   Or even Angel?   No.  The world is all about information today.   If knowledge is power, than Foreknowledge is certainly a more reliable force.

Think back to high school.   On that first day when you saw the pretty girl and thought, Oh - she looks nice.  You would have been spared 4 years of high school hell if she had been wearing a shirt "I am soo much more thinner, prettier...and meaner than you.  Yes, that does make me better."   Or that really cute boy -- a lot less heartache if you'd read the shirt:  "I just want to have sex with you."  Or, far worse, "I am only talking to you because your best friend is so Hot!"   College would be pretty much the same.....just add "I'm sooo drunk" on the back of each shirt.

Clearly, there are many who would be wearing such niceties like, "I know how to share"; "Smiling's my favourite", "Jesus Freak", and "I do Really want World Peace!"   We could all have 1 shirt we don when in their presence:  "what they said."   In my life lately, I don't seem to be encountering these sweet souled sign wearers.   I have seemed to attract the "she clearly doesn't know the first thing about parenting" wearers.   Hey -- your shirt is supposed to be about You!  Spell out your own inadequacies across your chest.  Back off mine.

You see, if people wore these helpful shirt signs, I could have avoided "I discipline others children because they clearly have no idea how" or "I will explain simple and complex matters to your child, so you don't have to reveal your own stupidity" and finally, "I do think children should be seen and not heard.  actually, I don't want to see them either."  Then I could spare not just myself, but my children from these negative forces.   I wouldn't have to see the hurt in their eyes because someone could not tolerate their boisterous play, or forgive their unruly behaviour.   I could protect them from the unrealistic pressure to behave perfectly all the time.  And from someone elses' idea of discipline that contradicts mommy's when they don't behave perfectly.   I could steer them towards the shirts that instead reveal a wearer who knows a little something about tolerance, forgiveness and love.   

Hey - I don't want to hurt any one's feelings.  It would just be nice if people understood a little better about the messages they are sending via their interaction with the world.  When you speak a negative comment, or that unsolicited, well meaning 'advice' to a clearly exhausted and overwhelmed mom....check your motives.  You might say you are not meaning to judge, but then...why are you in their business at all then?  Are you sure, because it seems to me that you might want to get yourself a pair of judgey-pants to go with your "I really do have it all together " tshirt.

I know, I know, you are thinking, but you're not being very tolerant of other people Rory.  People are entitled to their own opinion.  we all should just get along.

 Indeed, indeed.  I took The Pledge too after all.  However, it seems to me that this world is choking with people who not only want to be entitled to their own opinion --- they're gonna share it with you No Matter What.  Whether You Want it or Not.   So tell me, is that Freedom baby?  Or it that just a grown up sand box tug-o-war we are playing to ultimately get our own way?  If people would just listen, I could convince them -- my way is right.   Hmmm, I think I'd like freedom from, rather than to.

Naturally, I am nothing if not fair.   I will wear a shirt too.

Got your own rant to share?   Idea for your own shirt?
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