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Today I am talking about Movies!!
Does popcorn go with coffee?  Well, I think caramel would go quite nicely..... Cracker Jacks anyone?

I actually cannot remember the last movie Left Brain and I viewed in the cinema.    Children, one income and shift schedules are not exactly conducive to frequent date nights.   But we do try and watch some from the satellite every now and then.   I must confess, I do not even know what is playing these days.   This is one of the times when I do miss, what I don't know, because I LOVE movies.

It would be too easy to chat about all the known greats, but given my lack of knowledge of all things "current affair", today I am am going to talk about some movies that you might not otherwise give a second glance.
Here is RoryBore's 5 Films You Didn't Know You Should See.

#5  Stealing Home

This is a 1988 movie starring Mark Harmon, Jodi Foster and Harold Ramis
 Plot:  A grown up Billy Wyatt (Harmon) learns that his one time child sitter, and also brief lover later on, Katie Chandler (Foster) has committed suicide.   The task of what to do with her ashes falls to him.....but what to do?  Thus begins the story, told in flashbacks, wandering from the wonderful to painful memories.  The movie was not well received by critics, and only found something of a following through video rentals, but I found it quite touching.   Any faults or failings I believe are redeemed in that moment when Billy finally knows what to do with Katies' ashes.  The moment, delivered only as Jodi Foster can, is so poignant and moving.   And hey, what's not to like about Mark Harmon?

#4  The Man From Snowy River    

1982 Australian Western drama that was based on a poem of the same name, by Banjo Paterson.
You can find the poem HERE

Starring Tom Burlinson, Kirk Douglas (in an incredible dual role), and Sigrid Thornton
At it's heart, the film is the tale of the coming of age of a young man, Jim Craig.   It is unabashedly Australian - despite the presence of an American Actor in one of the leads.  For me, it's got it all:  breath-taking panoramic scenery, sweeping romantic musical score, wild horses, first love against all odds, revenge,  cowboys (sigh), and one incredible scene of horsemanship that you will not likely ever witness again! (and yes, Tom is riding the horse.).   I love this movie.  I am spellbound every single time.
There are some sequels, which you will enjoy if you loved the original...but as per usual, the first is best.

#3  The War     

1994 drama film starring Elijah Wood and Kevin Costner

Again, a coming of age tale, this time set in 1970's Mississippi.  Now, the story is fine....you'll laugh and shed some tears, but the real reason I have chosen this move is Wood's performance.   In fact, it is somewhat difficult to choose one because he seems to nail it every single time.  Most of you probably know him from the Lord of the Rings trilogy (not on this list cuz, ah, it's a given!), or perhaps the tap dancing penguin, Mumble of Happy Feet.   Here is child acting at its best.  In fact, I don't think there has ever be a better one than Mr. Wood.  Even Mr. Ebert agrees with me.   And since we know that he grows up to not become a soul-sucking fame whore, but continues his success as an adult -- I submit that all child actors in Hollywood must watch all Wood's films as a testimony to how you grow up, the right way,  in Hollywood.
And Kevin Costners' not so bad in this one either.  

#2 What's Eating Gilbert Grape     

1994 drama starring Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Juliette Lewis
adapted from the 1991 novel of the same name by Peter Hedges

First off, one rule...Johnny Depp can do no wrong.  He's untouchable.  You will never find him on any "Freebie 5" list of mine because....well, Johnny, is forever. period.   Secondly, Leo is my only close second to Depp...and thus also untouchable.   And this is the movie where they both prove why. DiCaprio's performance of the mentally disabled Arnie is so good in this film....it's almost uncomfortable.   He did receive an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  At this point, do you care about the plot?  Just watch it. Trust.

#1  Citizen Kane    

I know I stated that I would not go with any obvious great selections, but I am not sure how many of my, or younger generations, actually have watched this 1941 American Drama directed by and starring Orson Welles.   It is largely viewed as the greatest film of all time.  The Film 101 inside me could talk about such things as "innovative cinematography", achievements in sound, and pontificate about deep focus and low angle shots, the lightning mix; or that this was the first film to use the"unreliable narrator" in opting for the story to be told in flashbacks (multiple narrators no less!), rather than the traditional American chronological narrative.  Welles also used many special affects, developed by him, to achieve the look and feel he desired.   As the lead actor, his presence is undeniable...although, the controversy surrounding the making of the movie damaged his career.  Despite critical success, it never recouped its money at the box office.   And yet, still after so much time....it's mark in American Cinema is unparalleled.  And for that alone, it must be viewed.
And you know, I am certainly NOT going to spill the secret of "Rosebud" here.

Some say movies are fluff.  A waste of time -- go read a good book.   I say there is something unique in the experience of watching a story unfold before your eyes.  Something profound in watching an actor explore all the depths of human emotion and feeling, while we sit transfixed in the dark; oddly removed and connected simultaneously.   There's always that moment, in really good films and performances, where that "fourth wall" disappears and that connection, that perception allows us to see deep into our own nature. It is then that our common humanity is revealed.   That is the bond that hold us transfixed, compelled and mesmerized.

What is your favourite movie?   Worst movie of all time?   Is there a movie that you watch at traditional holidays?   Link up and let's all Go To The Movies!

I will leave with this beautiful musical piece from The Man From Snowy River