Good Morning/Evening all! Welcome to this weeks' edition of Tuesday Coffee Chat.  I hope that this day finds you living happily ever after! *bam*  Just call me queen of the segue!

 Today's topic is Books! 

 I love books.  My dream house would most certainly have a well stocked library; a massive fireplace and a very comfy chair.   You know that point in Beauty and the Beast, where the Beast shows Belle the massive library?   I may have been the only young girl who gasped with pleasure along with Belle.   I totally bought into her fantasy and I would followed the Beast anywhere.

“A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter in any other way”

- Caroline Gordon

And I will read anything.   My BA is English Literature, but I made sure to diversify in my electives so that I would be well read.   And I remember pretty much everything I have ever read.   I couldn't recall your face or name 5 minutes after I met you, but I can recall vivid details of books I read long ago.  I suppose that love of reading, and that urge  to write might go hand-in-hand.

I could recommend so many classic novels, poetry, sonnets, plays, historical journals, romances even.  Suffice to say, just read them.  You won't regret it - even if some of them prove trying, even boring.  (Personally, I always found Dickens novels a chore.  And I hated Wuthering Heights - me, a sworn romantic.  I am still somewhat surprised they let me graduate.)   One of my most favourite authors, Stephen King, is actually not my preferred genre.  I don't really want to be scared when I read a book, alone at night, in the dark.  But King is a Great Writer.   Hands down fantastic.  So, you have to step outside your comfort zone sometimes to find that literary treasure.

Speaking of my comfort zone (segue alert), my little Ontario town is about as far as you can get from Hollywood glamour.   But this cover is kind of hard to miss when strolling the aisles at Chapters:

Naked mommy

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but I think I may have seen a few episodes of Wild On, so I was only familiar with Brooke Burke through the website Modern Mom.    But the cover drew me in, not because she is beautiful...and naked.   I mean, I should hate her, 4 kids and a body like that.....but it was so fearless.  Sexy, but not intimidating.  I picked it up, turned a page and read the following:

"Having to examine my life and my choices under my own microscope was sometimes scary, but also exhilarating.  I came to realize that what I wanted all along wasn't really balance at all.  It's fulfillment.  And that's something that's actually attainable, no matter who you are or what your circumstances."

It struck a nerve in me.  All this time trying to Balance it all.   I hate that word, don't you?  And yet we struggle to attain it.  Catch it, Hold on to it; when we'd probably sooner hold back the tide.  But fulfillment?!  That I get.  That I can do.   Perhaps this Hollywood mom has figured out something I haven't yet.  So I bought the book, and so far....I LOVE IT!    Why?  Because she shares some beauty secrets? Well, okay that is true and they are great and motivated me towards being the best Me!   (As she also says, "...having beauty and exuding beauty are two entirely different things.")   The real reason I think the cover picture, and now the book itself has captured me is because I immediately sensed the truth of it.   Brooke writes, shares and spills her heart on to the page.  Whether she writes about her career, her children, her personal life....she writes her truth.    If you are looking for a Hollywood Step by Step how to about motherhood....this book is NOT it.   It is just what Brooke claims it is: Motherhood Revealed.   It's not about the rights or the wrongs.  It's about being authentic.

The best books should not just take you on a wonderful journey, the journey itself should teach you something; hopefully some inner truth revealed.   I am quite humbled to discover that I am learning quite a lot about myself while reading The Naked Mom.  I almost feel exposed, vulnerable, yet exhilarated and open to accepting my own truth myself after reading a few chapters.

So Ms. Brooke Burke, as per my quote above, your book has drawn me into a world I would not have otherwise entered.  And as all good books should, I am all the better for visiting.
(*Update: just saw the news that Brooke and David were recently married in a secret wedding!  Congratulations Mrs Brooke Burke Charvet!)

Read any good books lately?