Awake my love!
Come, ride the night with me
O'er mountain streams and pastures green
when calls our soaring hearts
Love's wings unfolding
to clasp us to its' peaceful breast.

I marvel at the sight of you
the smell, the taste, the touch
all desires combining
while stars shine upon our sweet rapture.

Fear not my Love!
the unexpected tenderness
amidst a heated passion
love takes wing in such moments
of freedom and release
and how delicious is the winning
of mutual hearts sighing

Tell me what it is to Love?
to fall, to hope, to dream, to laugh
to vow sweet promise?
Shall I love you like the fire:
all heat, fury and noise?
Shall I love you like the wind:
wild tempest, or whispered caress?
 Or, shall I love you like the stars:
with brilliance pure and heavenly glow?

Fly with me beloved!
far above the rage of wind and fire
outshining even the stars
while love comes softly, sweetly, brightly
and when breaks the dawn
we're locked still in loves' embrace.

Stay with me my love!
sleep with me and wake with me
pledge to me with thy lips
a heart promise sweet and true

Come now and lie with me
with shallow breath and endless bliss
surrender to the tender light
while the heart wind whispers
under cloudless beauty we'll shine
'till dewdrops drench our brows
Shine with me beloved!
Come!  See how I love thee.

This original piece was submitted for the Red Dress Club weekly prompt.   The assignment was to write about sex, without writing about the actual act.   This is my first writing prompt attempt, and not sure if I did it quite right.  It seems awful hot in here.  You?