I'm Back!!!
Guess what I'm doing?
(besides catching up on email, blog comments, blog reading while youngest naps and older ones rediscover their toys.  Okay, I lied.  They're watching Star Wars, again.  A light-sabre battle is sure to erupt anytime.  Darn for sale items at ToysRUs.)
Sorry....where was I?  (darn you Monday....almost made it.)

Oh yes....doing.
If you guessed Laundry....HA! You have been reading.

It's a Civic Holiday here in Canada, so we should be at a beach, park, the backyard BBQ, but we are all tuckered out from the weekend fun.  Actually, I haven't even summoned the energy to start the laundry....it's just piled in front of the machines.  I did water my garden though.   Hey -- if I let the kids run through Wearing their underwear; that's a clean pair now, right?   In my defense, it is really hot out anyway.

So it's a short and sweet post today...I haven't even dumped the pics from my cell phone yet ---- that's basically a reminder to come on back tomorrow for Tuesday Coffee Chat where I will share about our fabulous family reunion this past weekend.  And hopefully some of you out there will link up and share your posts on  Family Matters/Legacy.

Until then, Happy Holiday Monday to all my Canuck readers!
And for the rest of you, hope your Monday has been kind.