The Monday after Left Brain has worked nights -- all weekend long -- are the worst. I tend not to sleep well when he is not here at night, which somewhat enables my blogging/Tweeting/klout/blog frog/Facebook addictions. You'd think I'd be used to the night shift by now: I prefer to think it is the romantic in me that misses him. Yes, let's go with that.

Aside from social media lures and other things that go bump in the night, I also stay awake, not always, but sometimes, worrying a bit.  Night is when (you think) all the bad stuff goes down.  All the spooky people come out to play, and it's his job to keep them at bay.   (hey it for Tuesday night Poet's lounge!)   Don't tell Left Brain will ruin this whole tough chick, Angelina Jolie in black leather kicking Pitts' butt illusion vibe I've created.

UPDATE:  So LB comes home last night and tells me this story about how he had to "chase" down a runaway sail boat!  scary times, sure.   When I stop laughing, he tells me the other night shift strangeness of a man who exited a party and fired 4 shots into the air in random abandon.   So once all the CSI stuff is done - guess where he finds the bulletts?  They went through an open window across the street, through a bed mattress and into the wall!!   Thankfully, no one was sleeping in the bed.  And yep....good feeling gone.

So, on this Monday, all I will tackle -- besides the coffee maker repeatedly, is just a little decision on the home front.

Ah, crap.  Who am I kidding.   I can't even decide this thing today. 
We are tiling the downstairs shower (now that it is finally fixed after a year!  yes, if you are counting, that IS 5 people to one bathroom.)    The walls are an ocean blue color, flooring is neutral, so I want to keep everything else white -- a beachy vibe if you will.  

The look I am going for:

my paint color, white bead board walls, white subway tiles and accent tile
But I like the blue glass tiles better:


or this?
we have clear glass shower doors too
and the shower floor (if I can convince Left Brain)
Of course, I do have my $$ and tile laying time is no option version too:
better make some money little blog!
 Any home reno pros out there?
Save a girl on a sleepy Monday morning and what say you?