You know your Monday might not be starting off quite right when you notice several things:

1) you cannot smell the sweet coconut scent of your fave java Before you are out of bed
(darnit!  Left Brain back to day shift)

2) you cannot determine if the following utterances are from your children; or if Star Wars is playing in the living room....again:

"Mine, Mine, Mine...give it to me"
"No...*insert name* you cannot hit me with your 'forths' field is up.  you have to 'dactviate' it first, don't you know!"
"Laugh it up fuzzball."
"I'm not kissing no hairy wookie!"
"it's no use, I cannot teach this one....too impatient is she."
"Oh no...shields up! Chewie, switch to front deflectors! Jedi Baby attacks!!!!"

That last one propels me from the bed, since "Jedi Baby" should still be in the crib where I put her the night before.   Coffee, or no coffee...I am pretty sure I did not sleep walk in and get her out.  Turns out Monkey Boy can lift Zoo Zoo out of her crib.  He cannot however change the very stinky diaper she was sporting.  Smelly Baby Attacks!

Coffee in hand and warm milk for kiddos, the day begins.  I can tell right away it will be a messy one.
Despite the lovely sunny day, out come the "rain toys":  Play doh and Moon Dough.   My proposed tag line:  Work for mom disguised as toys!   At least they are old enough to do most of the work themselves now.

no, I don't know why they are in their underwear

Monkey Boys' puppy pound

made from the Play Doh octopus
Cute eh?   It actually is quite fun.  They also have a Play Doh kitchen thing so made all kind of food stuff too.   I now have one big ball of slightly gray play doh, instead of 5 separate colors :(

And more work:

3rd pass with broom
 Clean up time, and then lunch.   They wanted KD and hot dogs.   It's Monday, works for me.   It would be somewhat cruel to go straight to matchstick carrots, cucumber and chicken wraps straight from the french fries, cotton candy, and candy apples they had at the fair.  Gotta ease back into the healthy stuff.
They gobble it all up....who knew play doh was such exhausting, hungry play!

Wish one of them could explain this to me though:  

Note to Self:

Pee faster next time you hear "I need more ketchup!"

Whew!  Is it really only mid-day?
"Use the Force, Mom."

Huh? What force?   Oh....bake something!  They love that!   And since wild blueberries are meant to be ate......Ta Da Da DAAA!!

Angel Girl helped....ready for oven

scratch and sniff here!
And now mom is enjoying a 2nd cup of coffee while Zoo Zoo naps and MB and AG enjoy some fresh blueberry muffins while watching a video.   It dawns on me that I have had nothing to eat wise, I mean.   Coffee and SlimFast (which is quite good if you have wild blueberries and a blender!).  Doesn't seem very healthy.  I should have some carrot sticks and cucumber.  Ignore the fact that the house smells like fresh baked muffins......which incidentally should go really great with my Vanilla Hazelnut coffee.

What the heck.... I hereby rename today Forced Muffin Monday!

How's your week started so far?