...fire for you baby, all night.
Now before you think you've accidentally stumbled upon a more personal blog...one only read by Left Brain, I better clarify.

Holly at Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun ( a name definitely worth keeping I say) was kind enough to bestow Time Out For Mom with this Blog Award.   Holly earned her M.Ed in Early Childhood Education when her twins 5-18 months old.  I may have brushed my teeth every other day and washed my hair once per week.....and I had one baby.   That deserves a Follow folks - so check out her blog today!

The rules of the award state that the recipient must list seven things about themselves and then pass the award to 10 other deserving bloggers!

1.  I just ate a bowl of Corn Pops.  Seriously, like just finished them.  The Canadian version are round and very crunchy.  Also, pretty sure they are still less sugar then the gummies which have invaded my house and keep calling to me from where I have hidden them in a kitchen cabinet (from the kids, ya'know).  Gotta Have My Pops!  
2.  Like Holly, I too have allowed my children to run naked through the sprinkler in the backyard from time to time.  However, I do insist on underwear at least in the front yard.  The real dirty truth?  I do wish I could join them.  It's been hot!

3.   I can recite my ABC's....backwards.   Like super Fast!   I am not sure if it's a talent, or some kind of tic; since I most often do it when agitated. I've learned to keep this 'talent' in my head.

4.  I am currently suffering from House Envy.  I am not sure if that is a recognized condition in the Annals of Medicine, but I am pretty sure the cure is to stop watching House Hunters and House Hunters International.

5.  I sample the grapes at the grocery store.  Yes, every time.   Hate getting a big bunch home only to discover they are soft and mushy!  eck.

6.  If we lived somewhere that wasn't half frozen almost half the year....I would be a Gardener, ahem, Landscape Artist, in a heartbeat!  If I never have to work surrounded by four gray walls, or worse, in boring office cubicles where I speak the minority language......it would be too soon.

7.   For some odd reason there are ants crawling on my computer desk right now.   How odd.  Wonder if it is related to the LifeSavers wrapper I spy tucked behind the earphones?

Now I am aware that not all bloggers support the whole blog award thing.   However, I choose to participate because like with anything else in life, when I discover something really great......I want to share it!   So, I pass these along as requested.    Since I do have a bit of trouble following rules.....and it's really late and the House Hunters episodes are now repeating, I am cutting the pay it forward list down to 5 very worthy Blogs.   So, in no particular order.

1.   with a hot new blog design.....and what is that pic anyway?

2.   Sandra has probably already won this award.... but if anyone is hot enough to win twice.

 3.    Are you wondering who got Canuck'd??

Canadian Blogger Girl

4.   Love her inspiration page...

Not So Silent Mommy

5.   Amy has one of the best senses of humour!  And should also win an award for best  "mom" job description.

Thanks again to Holly, and happy reading everyone!

Now today is my unplugged day.  Which is good since Monkey Boy has spotted a bug "that looks like 3 ants linked together, with a big head and big ole stinger on the back....so it's too dangerous to go downstairs," he tells his sisters.   Brings to mind the great earwig scare of 2010, but I tell them it's probably pretty safe.   So they've armed themselves with flashlights, old cell phones, and a wad of toilet paper each.   Let the hunt begin!

I am guessing centipede.  any bets?