Sooooo...back home from another vacation again! I am officially exhausted. And yet have 2 more weeks until school starts. Can you believe I still have stuff planned to do with the kids? I must be out of my mind...  is a busy kid a happy kid?  I am not convinced.

There is so much to get caught up on!  Blog reading, email and Twitter oh my!  LOL  I have so much to post about our week with my parents too.   Get to that later.    First priority is to give you the Tuesday Coffee Chat Sneak Peek!

As per above, this week I will be chatting about BOOKS! 
One of my favourite things...some women collect gems, I love well worn pages, faded yellow with age. 
So come by on Tuesday, and I will tell you about my current read, and maybe some of my favourites. 
Hope you link up to share some of your favourites because discovering a great new book, is like discovering a treasure!

On another note, since it is Sunday and today is when I try to focus on the more spiritual aspects of my life, I was at my parents home church today and they had missionaries they sponsor visiting from Africa.   The sermon was really incredible.  I have such respect and admiration for those who answer the call to serve God's purpose away from their home.  Especially those that go to what most of us would consider dangerous places.   I would hope that if God ever placed that Call within my own heart, I would be obedient.  Not necessarily fearless, but faithful and trusting to answer the call.

These missionaries serve in Malawi, and have been for almost 20 years!!!  20 years away from Canada.  I cannot imagine.   I, humbly confess, would miss my hot bubble baths and reliable electricity.     It is quite the reminder of how fortunate and blessed we are to be living in Canada!   You can see their website HERE.

So please, if you are reading this and are the praying sort, remember to keep our missionaries in your prayers.